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Buddha Pictures from Thailand


On this page we show you thumbnails images from various Buddha statues in Thailand. When going mouseover on a Buddha image below, a bigger picture will be shown together with some additional information about that specific picture.


A golden buddha headThe head of a golden Buddha.

The head of a golden Buddha
The head of a golden Buddha statue located near the grand palace.
Golden buddhaGolden buddha at the Royal Grand Palace

A golden Buddha statue
A golden buddha statue located at the Royal Grand Palace, Bangkok.
Garden buddhaA garden buddha.

A garden Buddha.
A meditating garden buddha statue made from stone.
Giant buddhaA giant buddha statue

A giant guard statue.
A giant buddha statue standing in front of a very old buddhist temple.
Black buddhaA black buddha

A black Buddha statue.
A black buddha statue located in front of one of the temple pillars.
Buddha statueA buddha statue located at the Royal Grand Palace

A buddha statue located at the Royal Grand Palace.
A detailed picture from a buddha statue located at the Royal
Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.
Buddha altarAn altar in front of a buddha statue.

A Buddha altar
An altar in front of a Buddha statue with many flowers.
Royal palace buddhaA royal palace buddha statue.

A royal palace buddha statue
This is also the buddha statue located at the royal palace in Bangkok
Thailand, taken from a greater distance.
Temple buddhaA buddha statue at an old temple.

A buddha statue in front of an old temple.
This is very old buddhist temple with a buddha statue who is wearing a yellow robe.
A Laughing BuddhaA Laughing Buddha

A Laughing Buddha.
A Laughing Buddha they mostly located near by the royal palace or in the temples.
A Golden BuddhaThai Golden Buddha.

Thai Golden Buddha
Thai Golden Buddha located in one of Thai Temples.
White BuddhaThai White Buddha

White Buddha
Thai White Buddha located in one of the temples in Thailand.
Thai Buddha HeadThai Buddha Head.

Buddha Head.
Buddha Head made from a stone.
White BuddhaWhite Buddha

White Buddha.
White Buddha statue located in one of Thai Buddhist Temple.
Wood Carve BuddhaWood Carve Buddha.

Wood Carve Buddha.
Wood Carve Buddha can also be found in any temples and souvenir shops in Thailand.
Thai Buddha HeadThai Buddha Head

Thai Buddha Head.
Thai Buddha Head made from stone.
Wooden BuddhaWooden Buddha

A Laughing Wooden Buddha.
A Laughing Buddha made from wood carving.


All over Thailand you will see many Buddha statues like the ones above on the pictures. They are sometimes made from gold but also from (nature) stone or wood.


Buddha statues can have very different meanings and for this reason you might notice a meditating Buddha, a laughing Buddha, a Buddha with children, a fat Buddha, an aged Buddha, a blessing Buddha, a money and wealth Buddha or a prosperity Buddha to name just a few as example.


At local thai shops small Buddha statues made from various materials are offered to tourist, but be adviced not to buy one

made of ivory as you might get a ticket for bringing a forbidden item home and more worse, loose your thai souvenir.


The meaning of the word Buddha means "Awakened" or one who has achieved a state of perfect spiritual enlightenment in accordance with the teachings of Buddha.






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