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Thai Flower - Flowers of Thailand


On this page we show you thumnails images from various Flowers of Thailand. When clicking on a thumbnail a new page will be opend with the picture in a bigger resolution completed with some additonal information.


Thailand Sampaguita FlowersThailand Sampaguita Flowers

Thailand Sampaguita Flowers.
Sampaguita flower leis like this can be bought at street shops near the temples.
White FlowerFlower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements
These flowers are prepared so that they can be used in flower arrangements.
Purple and Pink LotusLotus flowers

Lotus flowers
Lotus Flowers, a symbol of Buddhism, are favored flowers in Thailand.

Pink FlowersFlowers in Thailand

Flowers in Thailand
Flowers are abundant in Thailand and people make good use of it as decorations
or for cooking.
Yellow FlowerFlowers for Festivals

Flowers for Festivals
Flowers are used as garlands and festival decorations in Thailand.
Roselle FlowerHisbiscus Flower

Hisbiscus Flower
Roselle, a species of hibiscus is used as a medicinal plant in Thailand.


Thai people use flowers for different occasions. For other people, flowers just serve as gifts or presents. Thai's benefit from flowers in a variety of ways.

They use it in cooking. They are added to recipes as flavoring or for enhancing the aroma. They can be eaten as they are or be pickled or grilled. They can be used to make teas of different kinds or as flavorings to other beverages

Thai people use flowers as decorations for their temples or houses. They make garlands, leis, flower bouquets of all kinds.

As you can see in Loi Krathong Festival, Thai people can be artistic when it comes to flower arrangements. Lanterns made of banana leaves and colorful flowers are paraded at night. The festival is held during the twelfth month of Lunar calendar at full moon.










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