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Thai Food - Food in Thailand


On this page we show you thumbnails images from Thai food.

When clicking on a thumbnail a new page will be opened with the picture in a bigger resolution completed with some additional information.


Thai Mussel RecipesThai Mussel Recipes

Thai Mussels
Thais cook mussels in a variety of ways and they usually add some spices and
seasonings on these recipes.
Thai CrabsCrab Dishes

Crabs as a Delicacy
Crab dishes are sometimes boiled in coconut milk, tomato chili sauce or curry sauce.
Small crabs in Thai DishesSmall crabs in Thai Dishes

A Small Crabs.
Small crabs are commonly used in Thai dishes, they are eaten whole as they are
deep fried and crunchy.

Thai FoodDimsums

Dimsums, like this dumplings, are not only popular in China but also in other Asian countries
like Thailand.
Thai FoodThai Recipes

Thai Recipes
Thai recipes have a unique taste because of fresh herbs, spices and seasonings.
Thai FoodThai Foods

Thai Foods
Thai foods are common for their spicy taste. Like other Asian countries, Thai cuisine
use spices and seasonings for their dishes.

Lychees-Lin CheeLychees-Lin Chee

Lychees or Lin Chee.
Lychees, high in carbohydrate and protein, are abundant in Thailand.
Rambutan-RhambutanRambutan-Rhambutan, Ngoh Rong Rian, Si Chompoo

Rambutan is one of Thailand's best fruits. The Thais even have a week long
Rambutan Festival to celebrate about it.
Thailand StrawberryThailand Strawberry

Thailand Strawberry
Strawberries, known to grow in temperate climate has been sucessfully cultivated
in Chiang mai at high altitudes.


Thailand has a unique cuisine. Known for hot and spicy foods, Thai cuisine balances spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter flavors.

As every cuisine share similar delicacies with each other, especially in neighboring countries, Thai Food is distinguished by the use of fresh herbs and spices. Fish sauce is commonly used as seasoning for dishes.


Thai Cuisine is very popular in many foreign countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Noodle dishes, which are originally from China has been adapted by the Thais. Kwaytiow, a popular Thai noodle dish, is somehow similar to stir fried pad Thai or noodle soup.


Thailand is also known by having unique exotic foods such as fish paste, deep fried insect larvae, and the popular giant water bug.







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